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If your plastic trim is scuffed, marked or worn, tears holes or burns then Smart Auto Solutions can repair it, making it look as good as good as new. Traditionally you would have to replace the damaged part which is always expensive, however we use the latest intelligent mobile technology to fix the damage, no problem and at minimal cost.

Smart Auto Solutions can also repair leather upholstery or trim (including steering wheels). Again, traditionally these would require full replacement which makes the repair uneconomical.

Smart Autos interior repair and plastic trim repair service is a fast, professional and economical way to get rid of unsightly scuffs, holes and scratches from the interior of your car.

Whether it is a hole in the dashboard left over from a mobile phone holder, worn or torn upholstery or a dented or cracked dashboard, our interior trim repair service will get your car looking as good as new!

Worn or tired leather seats? We also offer a leather upholstery repair service.

Damaged the plastic trim on your car, such as skirts, side trim, spoilers and farings…? Ask about our cost-effective plastic trim repair services.

Repairs done at your home, work or wherever is most convenient same day, no fuss by our mobile operators


Smart Auto Solutions Javea are Professionals in Mobile Leather car Seat and leather trim Repair, in-fact even leather Sofa Repair & Restoration, Smart Auto Solutions Javea can also perform connollising.

Refurbishing damaged seats in your vehicle not only enhances its new appearance and comfort, but boosts the overall value of your investment as well as keeping green at the same time.

We use the same original supplies that are used in factories to initially colour and finish leather, If you are panicking that you have a unique one off colour do not worry as we are able to match any leather colour like for like.

Whether you require leather cleaning for your car or furniture, car seats refurbished or any leather trim including steering wheels, or have damaged worn leather, a scratch, scuff, tear, burn or stain Smart Auto Solutions are here to help.


Over time many modern acrylic head light lenses become faded and give a milky appearance as a result of exposure to sunlight, this can eventually result in your car failing the ITV test and you will have to renew your headlights in order for your car to pass the test.

Smart Auto Solutions Javea are able to offer a headlight refurbishment service that can in some instances save you hundreds of Euros in replacing faded headlight lenses.

Most headlights can be restored and polished to a standard that is comparable to a new set at a fraction of the cost of new lights.

If your car has faded headlight lenses give us a call before you spend money on expensive replacements to see how we can help you to restore your existing lights


Help, I’ve got a chipped windscreen – can you do car windscreen repairs?

Yes, we repair chipped windscreens

Our windscreen repairs are guaranteed

Don’t worry – every week we carry out windscreen repairs form stone chips. By using the very latest and best equipment we put the strength back into your windscreen leaving it almost as good as new. Our windscreen repairs are suitable for any make or model of car or van.

What’s wrong with a stone chip in the windscreen?

If you’ve found a stone chip in your car windscreen you need to fix it as soon as possible. A windscreen chip left alone can quickly become a cracked windscreen which can’t be repaired but will need replacing instead.

Windscreen chips can cause your vehicle to fail an ITV

Even a small stone chip can reduce your vision while driving

A chipped windscreen that could be repaired can quickly become a crack needing a replacement instead at great cost.


Here at Smart Auto Solutions Javea we aim to provide a service that is of the highest standards. We use the latest technologies available in the industry, thus guaranteeing all our works on site. Our team are all PAS 125 (BSI) accredited, and most of all customer friendly! We cover a vast area in and around Javea and are happy to fit your vehicle body repairs around you, we aim to make your experience with us as stress free as possible. Smart Auto Solutions Javea are number one in vehicle body repairs, and we pride ourselves on the reputation and reviews we receive from our customers.


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